Qi Gong

Shaolin Luohan Therapeutic Qi Gong International Association

Lohan Qi Gong consists of  18 hands of Budha , Siu Lohan, Dai Lohan & WuChi Systems. Lohan is an internal therapeutic system and is both physical and mental. Internally it is taught to cultivate the jing, chi and shen (essence, breath and spirit) .  Externally it is practised to build a strong and healthy body.

Qigong helps develop core body strength and flexibility and assists in strengthening the pulminary and musculo-skeletal systems. It has a calming effect on the nervous system and is therefore beneficial in the treatment of anxiety, insomnia and depression.

The Lohan Qigong system traces back to the Qigong practiced by Shaolin monks as part of their training. Chen Heung had learned these skills from the Shaolin monk Choy Fook and incorporated these into the Choy Lee Fut system. Grandmaster Chen Yong fa of the Chan family Choy Lee fut is the keeper of this Traditional martial art.

Lohan Qigong contains stick , breathing & Unicorn Hand exercises
Standing postures, walking exercises, medical theories, SiuLohan Form, DiLohan Form

All of our instructors are trained first hand by GrandMaster Chen Yong fa on the Chan family Choy Lee fut and Shaolin Lohan QiGong therapeutic international association.


For information on finding a qualified teacher closest to you please email :

Dragon Disciple – Sergio Arione +1 514-684-9584  * northamericachoyleefut@gmail.com