International Seminars

May 10th- 13th, 2018 *Ā Argentina šŸ‡¦šŸ‡· Chan family schools
Mendoza , mar de plata , Ituzangu and Buenos Aires

Dragon disciple Sergio ArioneĀ form Canada

  • Disciple, WST and HSG Lohan Qigong instructors continued training coures
  • Chen family schools open Lohan Qigong teaching
  • Open General public free workshops

May 21st &22nd, 2018 * Barcelona Chan family school Ā 

Tiger disciple Craig Davenport from Australia

  • – advance Lohan seminar – disciples
  • Tai ji – open chen family

June 18th -19th, 2018 *Ā Uruguay šŸ‡ŗšŸ‡¾ Chan family schoolsĀ Montevideo

Tiger disciple Thomas Fuhr from San Diego

  • -open weapons seminar
  • HSG weapons and Advance forms
  • WST wooden dummies training
  • Sarn da & competition fighting
  • WST and HS Lohan QigongĀ 

September 7,8 & 9, 2018 Choy Lee Fut North America – Canada

Yearly Kung fu & Lohan Chi Kung Seminars at Lac Des Seize Iles, Quebec

This training centre is one hour drive, North of Montreal. A new Lohan Chi Kung Program is soon to be finalized and implemented worldwide in the coming weeks. It is a new program that will clearly establish the curriculum available to teach during open seminars/ classes, to HSG, to WST, Masters & Disciples. The training is geared for instructors and is offered free of charge for all HSG instructors, WST instructors , Master & Disciples. Everybody is welcome for training..