International seminars are held for Hung Sing Gwoon, Wing Sing Ton, Disciples & Members of Choy Lee Fut in good standing. These loyal instructors then take their training to their schools where they will further spread the enjoyment and development in training.


2017-06  Montreal Canada / QiGong /Kung fu *Grandmaster Chen Yong Fa

2017-09  Uruguay, Buenos Aires, Argentina* Grandmaster Chen Yong Fa

2017-11  Sydney, Australia * Grandmaster Chen Yong Fa

2017-03 Sydney, Australia * Dragon Disciples workshop

2018      Poland – March 2018 Teen Camp

2018-08   China – August 2018)

Other Seminars (that are instructed by Grandmaster Chen Yong Fa, his current Dragon and Tiger Disciples )

China, Spain, Poland, Mexico, USA, Costa Rica, Columbia, Venezuela, Canada, Argentina, Uruguay

Dragon Disciple Sergio Arione * +1 514-684-9584  *